In order to be an artist do not have to draw on paper, in order to be a pastry chef you do not have to bake huge cakes. The young pastry chef is a modern artist from Minsk, under the name MaryDar she creates amazing gingerbread pieces, that look like fancy Christmas toys, cartoon characters or fairy tales.

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“I always try to be inspired by everyday magic. One day I got so inspired with the preparation of the biscuits, that I decided to use my art college education on them. It turned out as tasty little wonders, which were appreciated by my friends and family, and even my cat," says Maria.

Usually for making the magic gingerbread cookies she is using a secret recipe that allows it not only have an incredible flavour, but to be stored for a long time. Not everyone wants just to eat such a piece of art, many people like to leave such sweet moments for the future.

So if you like some cartoon personages or fairytale characters in a tasty way, then look at works MaryDar. By the way, I already ordered a cake on my birthday from her and my joy had no bounds when I got it!

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#3 The Special Edition For The 14th Of February - Stylish Fox Couple

The Special Edition For The 14th Of February - Stylish Fox Couple

mary_cookie_dar Report

Kahlo Smith 1 year ago

These are so whimsical and detailed! I love the outfit on the right~

#6 The Fox Fairytale

The Fox Fairytale

mary_cookie_dar Report

Nancy E 1 year ago

All of these are artistic , but, a fox is my passion !