In this age of social media domination, bullying doesn’t stop at school – it just continues online after the bell rings. One Florida teen noticed a disturbing amount of body shaming from other girls on Twitter. Hence, she decided to turn the nasty public shaming trend into a wave of body positivity.

The girl, who goes by Kale, rounded up screen captures of users who tweeted out various things that people ‘under 130 pounds’ shouldn’t wear, including short shorts, leggings, crop tops, and all the other revealing clothes. Weighing just over 140 pounds herself, she then posted two selfies, which proved not only that weight is just a number that looks different on every body type, but that anyone can wear whatever they damn please, regardless of what beauty standards others might hold.

Kale ended up starting an amazing chain reaction, with hundreds of fabulous ladies stepping forward wearing clothes that they want. Follow the inspiring story below, and tell us what you think of the response in the comments!

Bullying and body shaming on social media has reached an all-time high, including this disturbing trend

One Florida teen decided to stand against it…

And posted these selfies wearing the very clothes she ‘shouldn’t’ have been

In  just 3 photos, she proved that weight is just a number, and that everyone should wear what they want

She ended up setting off a chain reaction of positivity from other girls, who tweeted their own fabulous figures

Tell us what you think about this response to bullying in the comments below!