Stand And Deliver, Dead Poet’s Society And Even School Of Rock are all movie’s that show the impact that inspiring teachers can have on their students. Often flying under the radar, these educators that go above and beyond are all around us, take for example English and media studies teacher Ainee Fatima. She went viral on Wednesday after posting a video of herself on Twitter grading exams –  but with memes.

The 27-year-old based out of Franklin Park, Illinois told Insider the stickers were an idea she had had in her head for a while: “I was just grading and I was really frustrated, and in my head I was just like, I wish my kids could see my face my right now, because the answers they were writing were just incredibly wrong. So I was like, let’s print out some memes.”

The young teacher printed out some of the popular Confused Nick Young’s face and some positive Gordon Ramsay memes but didn’t anticipate how well received they would be. “I didn’t print enough so not every wrong answer got a sticker so the students who did not receive a sticker for a wrong answer were actually asking if they could get one. It made them look at their exam and actually ask me to correct their answers for some credit,” she said. “This is what I wanted!”

It seems memes are the future of teaching, other teachers have shared the ways in which they have implemented pop culture into the classroom and we can’t get enough.

English and media studies teacher Ainee Fatima went viral on Twitter, after posting a video of herself grading exams in an unconventional way

Image credits: ainee.f

The Illinois teacher chose to use memes to mark mistakes on her student’s tests

“I was grading exams and started to get really frustrated at the answers my students were writing down, I thought ‘I wish they could see my face right now'”

Of course, she also made stickers for student’s who did a good job

While memes are fun, Fatima explained that they also tied into the curriculum

The young educator said the stickers did more than give the class a good laugh

We think she deserves an A+

Image credits: ainee.f

Even the real Gordan Ramsay approved of his meme being used for educational purposes

People applauded her creative way of engaging her classroom

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