You know when people say that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams? Well, while some might think it’s some faux-inspirational nonsense told by people who are comfortable with their lives, others try to apply it to themselves. 33-year-old Sara Johansson is one of the latter and her Instagram with 22,6k followers is a living testament to that saying actually working.

Johansson used to work as a hairdresser before she found her true calling in the cockpit of a Boeing. Even though she used to be terrified of flying when she was younger, Sara now admits that there is no better feeling than flying a 60-ton plane.

However, pilot training and challenging flights weren’t the only obstacles in her way. Johansson also opened up about the difficulties she faced because of her gender, saying that she was tested extra hard because she was a woman. Nonetheless, overcoming all of it was very satisfying. Now Sara posts photos on her Instagram page, sharing her adventures with the rest of the world.

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Meet Sara Johansson, a 33-year-old pilot from Sweden

Her Instagram page has attracted quite a following, with 22.6k audience

Her pictures show Sara’s fascinating daily life, from shots in a cockpit to beautiful sceneries

Before finishing the hard pilot training, Johansson was a hairdresser

However, she soon realized that her dream was to fly and so, she pursued the career of a pilot

Which is quite ironic, since Sara admits that she used to be terrified of flying as a child

While studying and training to become a pilot were challenging…

Sara also admits that she was tested extra hard for being a female pursuing a male-dominated career

Fortunately, it made overcoming those obstacles much more rewarding

Johansson thinks that posting her photos on Instagram is a great way to share her message

She wants to show that she is enjoying life and the rewards…

That her hard work and confidence to pursue her dream gave

“Don’t be afraid to be who you are” Sara says