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Surreal Photo Manipulations By Ex-Ballet Dancer Kylli Sparre
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Surreal Photo Manipulations By Ex-Ballet Dancer Kylli Sparre


Young or old, it’s never too late to change directions in life and begin chasing your dreams instead of just your obligations. Photographer Kylli Sparre is a perfect example of this – she discovered that she wanted to be a photographer only after completing professional ballet school.

“When the studies were over, I realized it wasn’t the path for me. I have been searching for an outlet for my creativity ever since. [A few] years ago I found it in creative photography and never looked back,” writes the artist on her website. The influence of her professional ballet experience is clear in her current photography artworks – the models in her surreal and dream-like photo ideas are filled with grace, effortless poise, elegance, and beauty.

The graceful models’ dream-like appearance is only enhanced by their flowing dresses and by skillful photo editing creating foggy, dream-like surroundings they’re shot in.

Sparre’s portfolio and prints are available on her website and at Qlick Editions. She also shares her work with fans on Facebook.

Fortunately for us, Sparre agreed to answer some of our questions and share some insights into her beautiful photos and creative ideas with us:

“I think it does take courage [to switch professions], but for me it was scarier to stay pursuing something that is not my passion,” said ex-ballet dancer Kylli Sparre.


“I had no idea what it is that I should or could be doing. I had this very strong feeling that I need to go and find what it is that I love.”


“It took me years to finally find what truly inspires me. The feeling I get, when a picture turns out the way I imagine… I get so much energy and I love to be alive!”

“I never realized that I am inspired by dance until people started telling me that. So it is unconscious. Now I see that it influences the way I see the lines of a body and the movement [that] I am drawn to.”


“I am mostly interested in showing emotions and relationships, also solitude and its many forms.”

For more enchanting and mesmerizing surreal photography similar to Sparre’s, check out Caras Ionut’s dream-like photos and Erik Johanssonn’s surreal photo manipulations.


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