We first wrote about Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer and retoucher, 4 years ago, when he was still a computer engineering student. Even back then, despite lack of professional training in creative photography, his wild photo manipulations would be a stand-out example of photo editing.

Erik’s stunning pictures have a two-fold effect: on the one hand, it’s completely unbelievable and reality-defying, while on the other hand, the high-skilled retouching makes these cool photos look almost real. The photographer first develops a creative idea in his head before he sets out to make the pictures; he even models in some of them himself – yes, that’s the blond guy, distorting his face with his own fist!

Erik says he has been drawing for as long as he can remember – may be influenced by his painter grandmother – but his first digital camera at the age of 15 opened up a whole new world for the guy: “Being used to drawing it felt quite strange to be done after capturing a photo, it wasn’t the process of creating something in the same way.” He picked up his interest for retouching while studying, and today is a prolific artist, working on both commissions and personal projects. Let his beautiful photos and their fantasy worlds absorb you!


Expecting Winter

Electric Guitar

Cut & Fold


Set Them Free


Arms Break, Vases Don’t

Fishy Island


Snow Cover

Face vs. Fist

Roadworker’s Coffee Break

Go Your Own Road


Vertical Turn                                               Self-Actualization



Big Laundry Day

Stryktålig                                                     A Painting Too Real

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