I am a stay at home mom in Mississippi who found a passion for creating unique art on my iPhone when I discovered Instagram in 2011. The social network was new and I loved it immediately. I’ve always been a creative person, but only truly explored that side of myself when I began playing around with apps on my iPhone. My total immersion into all things (iPhone photography, Instagram) became an obsession and now in 2015 400K people are following me and my photography art. I am humbled!

People often ask how I make my photographs, what my favorite apps are, and if I use Photoshop. I wouldn’t be able to navigate Photoshop even if I owned one! The only device I shoot and edit my interesting photos with is my iPhone 6 (which was an iPhone 4 with a broken screen for the first year). Recently, I started the hashtag #createdoniphone on Instagram to label my work so people can tell which of my cool photos have been manipulated on my mobile device. My favorite apps change frequently but currently, they are: Snapseed, Superimpose, Alien Sky, Circular, Facetune, Flood, and Retouch.

My beautiful photos are influenced by living in the South. I was born and raised in Mississippi and still live here today. My goal has always been to show a different side of Mississippi to the world. I want the viewer to go on a visual trip with me to Oz when they look at these stunning pictures. Music, travel, nature, and movies also inspire me.

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