Having a bright and successful future for a lot of people means working and studying hard from a very early age. For this reason, a lot of young students try to get the best grades possible and to snatch a place at highly prestigious internships that might lead to getting a job there. What we tend to forget sometimes is that studying and working hard are not the only things that are taken into consideration when someone wants to hire you. A good worker also has to have morals and principles that they follow. However, not everyone thinks so and this story that was shared on Reddit perfectly illustrates that. Reddit user @Anonymous33- decided to share the situation that she was involved in and to ask for people’s advice.

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Being a student comes with its own challenges that at the end of the day make them more prepared for life

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The woman who is a 20-year-old student shared that a lot of students in her country try to find an internship during their college years because it increases their chances of getting a better job in the future. The author of the story also shared that she’s been talking with a guy she called R, adding that they are also in the same study program.

A college student decided to share a story of a time she refused to go on a date with a guy who was her classmate

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The Redditor continued her story by saying that R started flirting with her and even asked her out. The woman politely declined the invitation and even apologized if she’d made an impression that she was interested in him. After this, R was gone, but not for long. After a couple of days, he was back and asked her out again, to which she gave the same answer. The guy justified his absence by saying that he gave her some time to rethink her answer. This got the woman mad and so she asked him to leave her alone.

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After her refusal, the guy started harassing her, to which she reacted by confronting him on social media

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This conversation got to a point where R got mad and called the student “all the names under the moon” after which she blocked him and his friends who were on his side and were starting to pick on her too. This made the narrator go on social media and tell her followers about the situation and also add screenshots of their conversations. One of the people who saw her stories was a placement mentor at her college. This person found this behavior of R to be appalling, so he told the head of the department about this situation

Soon responsible people at her college found out about this and suspended the guy

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One of the professors at this college decided that she should forgive him so he could have his internship back

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Soon after, the woman was called to his office to prove that this all really happened and provide them with proof. As it turned out, this behavior is not tolerated in their college and could lead to suspension. R got suspended for 3 months and lost his internship at a prestigious government company. After hearing this, a professor, who was indicated as professor P and who liked R very much, called the woman to his office and pushed her to take back what was said about student R. What followed later was a meeting with the head of the department, professor P, R, and his parents as well as the narrator of the story. When she was asked if she was willing to forgive him, she refused, so his punishment continued. This made his parents and the professor get mad at the young woman who they saw as ruining his career and accused her of doing all of this because she sees him as his competitor.

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The woman declined to let him get away with this, making a lot of people at her college say that she took this too far

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The woman revealed that now that their internship has started, she doesn’t feel good about all of this and is doubting her choices because she feels pressure from other people. A lot of her groupmates tell her that she took it too far and now ruined this guy’s future. People online disagreed with this, saying that it was his own fault and that people like him shouldn’t be given such internship opportunities in the first place. This story opened a discussion about how women are treated and what horrible situations they have to go through every day.

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Despite the student doubting her choices, a lot of users online supported her and said that what she did was totally right

The woman elaborated a little bit more on the situation in the comments section