-Hello, can I ask you a strange question?
-I’m working on a project in which I take photos of people wearing a tiger suit. Any chance that you’ll participate?
-Wearing a what?

This is how most of my interactions with people on the street start. Each person ends up reacting a little differently once they actually understand what I’m asking for. Few people would just say no and walk away, others would ask for a little more information before making a decision and the rest, for some strange reason would trust me and just say “sure” without really knowing what they’re agreeing to.

Up until now over 300 people have worn the suit and many more are hopefully are still going to in the future.

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My wife will be happy to see me like this

Tiger Daniel

While all the other kids were going to school with their cars I would get to drive to school on my tractor

Tiger Eldar

I was a cat person for most of my life but then I met Mona

Tiger Nechama

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day

Tiger Winnie-The-Pooh

The last time that I found myself in such a situation was two nights ago, on a train home

Tiger Nimrod Rothem put on the suit he asked if the photo could be taken in the restroom, being one of my favorite places I quickly agreed.

You can make up my life story

Tiger Hadar Mitz was born and raised in the most dangerous swamps in Africa. By the age of 12 she mastered all possible survival skills and taught them to travelers for a ridiculous sum of money. Last year she got sick of living in the jungle and came to Israel by foot and has lived here ever since.

I’ll tell you my name but you have to promise to keep it a secret

Tiger Fred

I’m going to pose as a homeless tiger

The photo of tiger Ira was taken outside a zoo.

I don’t really understand the meaning of this

Tiger Alec

On the day I went down to my car and saw a woman pissing on it I knew I had to leave this city

Tiger Avner

People assume that I am Russian due to my red hair

 At the beginning of her career as an opera singer tiger Shira Patchornik already has her future figured out more than most people 10 years her senior do.

I’m part cat part human, I behave like a cat for half the day

Tiger Oriana Rabinowitz

In about ten minutes I’m going to be getting my first ID card

Tiger Inbar

I’m going to portray a lazy cat

Tiger Eva

We need some extra precaution, could your friend stand by the side in case Noga fell?

Tigers Roi & Noga

I am a pensioner which means I finally have the time to do all the things that I truly want to do

Tiger Yehuda

You better take it quickly, there is a bus behind you

Tiger Conny

Who did you kill to get that suit? Uncle Josh, Is it you?

Tiger Tigger

Take a photo of me jumping

Tiger Billy Quitco is a professional dancer and incredible singer.

I’m trying to do something new everyday

Tiger Shaked today was walking around, listening to music and singing in the middle of the street and tomorrow she is going to go dancing on trains.

We are supposed to be cooking for a family dinner but this is going to be a great excuse for the lack of food tonight

Tigers Keren & Chani

I’m an Italian accountant who works in London but what I always wanted was to be a Superstar in Israel

Tiger Alessandre

I enjoy going to classes at a school in Bethlehem, students know me as the blonde girl

Tiger Helene Wörn

If you get people to dress up as an animal, there has to be some vegetarian agenda behind it

Tiger Avigail Peleg