I was up and about early on a sunny day in Bristol and was lucky enough to spot many of the strange inhabitants enjoying the lovely day. I’ve normally only spotted the trolls and knoll of the city hiding in the woods but today they were everywhere, at least if you know where to look.

Many of them are familiar with me and my camera but they still give me a glare and scuttle off if I take too many photos. You can find my previous photo-shoot here.

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Hag On The Move

I spotted the old hag burdened down with all her goods. I’m not sure where she was off too, making mischief perhaps?

She gave me a quick but friendly glare with her one good eye and trundled off into the long grass.

Lost In A Good Book

The old librarian was out enjoying the morning sun at the old Temple Church, too engrossed in his book to take much notice of me.

The Gnoll Tinker

This old gnoll,who I often spot around the city was taking a few moments to enjoy the view.

This chap certainly gets about despite his stick and heavy pack. I crossed paths with him on World’s End Lane.

The Librarian

The Old Troll

Caught this old fella walking towards the leaning tower at the old Temple Church.

Encounter With A Wise One

One of the rarer creatures of the area. I was lucky enough to find the Wise One in conversation with a hag. I thought it best to keep my distance as both are influential and easily angered creatures. Their good will, or otherwise, makes the other folk of the area more welcoming towards me and my camera.

The Hag