My name is Iwona and I’m a photographer from Poland.

In December 2018 I made a huge mistake by clicking on an e-mail that looked like from Instagram and ended up losing my 80k verified Instagram account.

It was a huge loss because I’m a photographer and this was my business account.

I contacted Instagram many times. I did not get any reply from them apart from the first automatic reply that asks to describe the situation and prove that you are the owner.

My Instagram account was verified using a valid document with my face on it. I believe that it should be the ultimate proof for the support team that I’m the owner of the account. The fact that I didn’t get the account back proves that the support work is very poor.

The only thing I have left is the connection between my business Facebook page and the account that allows me to change the name and bio. So I keep trolling the thief in order to send a direct message to 80k people that followed me because they like my photography work.

The thief uses my account to advertise, scam other Instagram users and to get money from me!

Dear Pandas, give me some ideas of what I can put as the name and bio… or how to get Instagram Support to answer my messages.

More info: Instagram

My Instagram account after I got it verified in October 2018 and before it got stolen

This was the e-mail that made me lose the account. Beware of e-mails like this. Do not click

The thief uses my account to spam my followers

And keep changing the name and description

But I can do this! I can change the name and bio to send the message to my followers, and that’s exactly what I did

And this is how it looks on the thief’s side

And I also get messages like this…

And like this!