As the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases globally is now a staggering 218,824, doctors are left short-handed. Hospitals now face a battle with time, where equipment, supplies, and trained staff members are depleting daily.

Without the medical practitioners, the battle would be lost right away. So it’s heartbreaking to see them crying over ignorant people who find the task of staying home too big to handle. Thus, frontline workers unite in a global plea begging you to stay home so they can keep doing their job.

Think about it⁠—while you’re all rolled up in a shaggy blanket, eating chocolate chip cookies, binge-watching your fave series, you’re saving the lives of others. To understand the vital importance of staying home, Bored Panda talked to Dr. Leana Wen, a professor at George Washington University from the “Stay Home: Save Lives” campaign.

Frontline workers from around the globe are begging people to stay home 

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Emergency physician Leana Wen told Bored Panda that “we are currently facing the biggest public health crisis of our lifetimes. But we are not powerless against the virus: there are things we can do.” The most vital one is pretty simple: “If you can, stay home!”

Leana Wen is a member of the campaign Stay Home: Save Lives, which unites concerned healthcare professionals raising awareness on the necessity to stay home and let frontline workers do their jobs. “#StayHome means you’re helping save lives.”

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Social distancing is the only way to slow the spread of this disease, and that means we’re all made responsible. “If we don’t change our behavior now, the disease will spread faster and our healthcare system will be overwhelmed.” Leana Wen warns that, as a result, “that would cause a lot more harm and a lot more deaths.”

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This nurse explained why staying home amid the pandemic is not about you

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It’s totally normal if it’s hard to cope with cabin fever. Baltimore’s former Health Commissioner suggests using creative ways to enjoy each other. “There are lots of activities, like reading a book you’ve been putting off, to FaceTiming and catching up with friends online.”

Most importantly, find your own routine and stick to it. “Don’t just stay in your sweats! Try exercising at home—pushups, jumping jacks, and yoga, for example.”

Over-worked medical heroes showed the marks the COVID-19 battle has left on their faces

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