The stairs are particularly suited to our specialty, anamorphosis. From Morlaix to Paris, we tell the story of a “Parisienne”. We have a special relationship of a painter and his muse, but the definition is suggestive, we can talk about our relationship in these terms: SIA is a woman who behind the undeniable charisma with a thirst to live in an idealized world, is primarily a woman who bears the traces of a heavy past. His fight is always the same, tirelessly, but fighting against a world of indifference, because the dramas disturb society.

Our collaboration is the result of a subtle and idealistic exchange where one brings to the other, the energy to believe in this ideal world. A kind of contemporary poetry agreeing the gross pragmatism of the society without idealist cue. We are united in all our projects by a relationship where love is the fuel and where the muse and the artist refers to the poetry of a bygone era.

“La Parisienne” was born to lead a fight for freedom of expression and, with our message, give the voice of those who lock themselves in silence.

Our approach is a catharsis where the viewer takes us back to understanding our own ills. The anamorphosis, in its complexity of implementation, brings the added difficulty necessary to discover our works, and suggests the viewer to search by itself, the point of ideal and unique perception, to create a bridge between him, artists and artwork.

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La Parisienne XIII

Morlaisienne – Rebirth

La Kahina

Les Mômes

SìA… laid bare

La Parisienne – Stravinsky

La Vannetaise – Ecclésia

The Little Parisian