While even the best of us struggle to film in landscape, this squirrel not only sees no problem in holding a camera sideways, it also proved to be quite a filmmaker when it stole a GoPro left on the ground a few days ago. In a Youtube video uploaded by Viva Frei, the tiny rodent took the GoPro high up into a tree and filmed a surprisingly good POV video.

The video titled “Squirrel take GoPro and gives best POV EVER!!!” already has nearly 180k views and is taking social media by storm. Ever wondered how squirrels see the world? Watch the video below!

More info: Youtube (h/t: petapixel)

This squirrel saw a GoPro camera left on the ground and just couldn’t resist checking it out

The rodent decided to prove that filming in landscape is not such a difficult thing and took the camera high up into a tree

The result? The most amazing squirrel POV video ever!

Check the video below to see what we mean: