Some people see their children as mere extensions of themselves, and are positively outraged when they discover that the little bastards have somehow developed – (shock!) – opinions and beliefs contrary to their own.

Image credits: Charles Hutchins

This parent appears to fall into this bracket. Seemingly baffled that their dearest son doesn’t share their own enthusiasm for spending precious Sunday hours trapped in the confines of a stuffy church, they took to Quora for advice on how to ‘punish’ the heretic for his astonishing renegade stance.

“My son told me he doesn’t want to go to church anymore,” they opined. “How can I punish him?” The responses were largely thoughtful and restrained, offering cautious advice on freedom of thought, and warnings against forcing religion on anyone. One response, however, took the cake. Offering the kind of sage wisdom that the likes of Homer Simpson would approve, the perfect punishment was suggested.

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