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Something’s Not Quite Right About These Earrings…
User submission
Product Design6 years ago

Something’s Not Quite Right About These Earrings…

Handmade jewelry artist makes mismatched, asymmetrical earrings for those who embrace their own unique style…

More info:

As a jewelry designer, I’m always trying to think outside the box while designing. Confession…I get bored easily, and I was getting utterly bored with making matching earring designs. In a moment of manic creativity at my jewelry desk…I began mixing up the pieces of a pair of earrings I was working on, purposely making them mismatched…

I was hooked on this new idea! Perfectly mismatched earrings for unique, slightly misfit individuals like me.

Still I wondered…would my customers like these as much as I did? Or would they think they were just a little too strange. I tentatively released a pair and found them to sell better than any of my matching earrings ever had.

I have lots of these asymmetrical earring designs available now, and still they are my most favorite to create. While they never match quite right, they do flow together in their own way.

I always look forward to adding more designs as time allows.


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