Art can be used to express powerful ideas and messages, and Cuban cartoonist Angel Boligan’s political and social cartoon drawings are a perfect example of just how expressive, thought-provoking, and critical art can be. His extensive collection of creative drawings provide a scathing commentary on contemporary politics and social issues.

Each unique artwork bears a deep and powerful meaning. Don’t just take our word for it – Boligan has received more than 130 international awards for his work. Perhaps the most impressive thing about his drawing ideas is that, no matter how diverse the subject matter, they always seem to hit hard. Although he often takes on on social problems like consumerism, corruption, and hypocrisy, he has no problem transcending the public political topics traditionally handled by artists and take on social and emotional issues like loneliness, vanity, and despair, which are more often handled by the fine arts and literature.

We suggest spending some time with these comics because they will definitely get you thinking.

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