I designed a plywood form to create the initial column. Once it ‘sets’ in the form, I take the form off and start carving!

More info: easterislanded.weebly.com

Photo day with David. February, 2016

A quartet of Easter Island snow sculptures smiling for the people walking by. Winter of 2014-2015


I turn the eyes on a lathe and then paint them


All smiles!

The original Easter Island Ed

Jay got a smile the day before the big melt

The team from 2013-2014

This group loved to sing. They looked a bit mysterious at night


A late season experiment for next year. I sometimes carve on two sides

The octagonal form I designed to create the original snow column. Once the snow is packed in, the carving begins

The process of creation. It takes just over an hour to carve

Bryan in our backyard