If people see a guy so large, he could probably split the Hulk in half like a cracker, they probably assume he’s as angry as he’s big. There are plenty of bodybuilder stereotypes. So when Søren Falby found a pic of himself in a meme enforcing one of them, he thought he’d reply to prove that not everyone fits them.

“He slaps your mom,” the caption reads. “What you doing?” Below it, a shirtless Søren who has a sort of superhero physique. His gigantic arms, massive chest, and a perfect tapered waist have even got some people calling him the Danish Viking. Despite his extremely gruelling training regime, however, the giant hasn’t lost touch with his gentle side. Continue scrolling to check out why you shouldn’t judge a runic inscription by its cover.

Søren has a personality that extends beyond the gym

And nothing beats his feelings for his doggos

Well, maybe except his loving relationship with crossfitter Malene Larsen

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People were happy to see this giant’s gentle side