Nomi Chi’s tattoo designs look like pencil drawings. The Vancouver tattoo artist achieves this through her sketch-like style; the guiding lines and shapes used to compose the image are left in, giving the impression that you’re looking at an open sketchbook.

“My interest in visual art was spurred by animation, so capturing movement is important to me,” Chi told Brown Paper Bag. “I also strive to implicate a kind of immediacy in my tattoo ideas, so there’s a lot of improvisation — It keeps the process of creating unique tattoos fresh and fun.”

We asked Chi who inspired her in creating these beautiful tattoos. “A brief list of artists would be Peter Aurisch, Egon Schiele, Hans Bellmer, Izebella Wolf, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Allison Sommers. Lately, I have been reading a lot of Nayyirah Waheed and listening to Mongolian throat singing,” she told Bored Panda about her body art.

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