Probably every single person who’s ever had a pet knows how special the connection between a human and an animal can be. They become your companion, best friend, full-fledged family member and a shoulder to cry on. Though in some cases, the connection is even stronger because of the hardships you both have been through together.

Recently, the Facebook page called Humans of New York shared a story of a woman losing her beloved sister to cancer and later forming a unique bond with the sister’s dog Jet, who she got as one of the items on her bucket list.

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Here’s the touching story that this woman had shared

“During the last couple years—I felt like it was my responsibility to make her happy”

Image credits: Humans of New York

“We were eighteen months apart. Jenny sometimes said that it felt like I was the big sister, and she was the little—instead of the other way around,” the girl begins her story. She always was the one pushing her sister to do things, especially, during the last few years of her sister’s life, while she was sick.

“I wanted her to live as much as possible”

Image credits: Humans of New York

The girl came up with an idea of helping her sister create a bucket list of all the things she’d like to do before leaving the Earth. “The bucket list was my idea, but she chose the items,” the girl writes. “She wanted to ride a horse. And get a makeover. And swim in the waterfalls of Hawaii, which we got to do. She also wanted to go to Thailand, but we never made it.”

“One of the items on her list was to get a dog, but she kept finding reasons to delay”

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“But when it became clear that the chemo wasn’t going to work, my mom and I decided it couldn’t wait any longer,” the girl narrates. The dog came over for two nights on a “trial run”, and Jenny simply fell in love with him. They named the doggy Jet.

Image credits: Humans of New York

The doggy followed Jenny everywhere. It seemed like from the very beginning he knew that Jenny was HIS person. “When she became too sick to move, he’d only get out of her bed to pee. Then he’d jump right back in,” the girl writes.

“Looking back—I should have known we were getting close. But it still took me by surprise”

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“Everything happened so quickly. She couldn’t speak in the final days. But I remember telling her that I loved her, and she said it back: by squeezing my hand three times,” the girl narrates.

Image credits: Humans of New York

“And I promised her that we’d take care of Jet. We had to lock him in the backyard when they came to get her body. He barked the entire time. I wanted to bring him home so badly, but I told my mom to keep him. I knew she needed him more than me. But she was thinking the same thing—and insisted that I take him,” the girl writes.

“Both of us lost our person”

Image credits: Humans of New York

The girl ends her story by writing this: “We’ve been together for over two years now. And I’m probably too obsessed with him. I can’t stay out late because I hate the thought of him being alone. Whenever I’m down, or sad, he’s always there. It feels like we’re connected in a way. Both of us had this unconditional love and loyalty to Jenny. And both of us lost her. Both of us lost our person.”

After reading this touching story, other people started sharing their stories as well