After seeing cool robots that can draw like e-David I wanted to try it out myself. Since I can not afford an industrial robot I bought a simple plotter that can hold a pen and started programming. Because the plotter can hold only a pen it can only draw lines with a constant width, so there is not a lot of variety… not a very promising start. But after some time I came to love the simplicity of a simple line and utilized it in the drawings. I shared my results with people and they liked it, some even asked me to make custom drawings for them.

Because it all started with a simple line I called my shop LinesLab.

Here is one of the styles I implemented. These drawings are made with one single line that goes around in a spiral. The line is drawn with black pen that makes very thin strokes.

My plotter needs about 30 minutes for the small drawings.

For the large drawing I used a Japanese brushing pen, that is very sensible and has to be moved mush slower. It took the plotter several hours to draw the large version of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”. The small drawings are about 6×6 cm big, the biggest is 30×30 cm.

More info: Etsy

Emma Stone

The iconic dance scene from LaLa land

Ryan Gosling

Drawing of a panda

Charlie Chaplin

The Great Wave off Kanagawa as miniature drawing

Close up of The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Unbroken line portrait of Audrey Hepburn

Miniature drawings as tribute to LaLa land. I used the very same pen as in the image