For a really long time, biologists tried to unwrap the evolutionary history of various animals to figure out how they are related to one another. They have taken a seemingly logical course — to classify animals according to their morphological characteristics and fossil records. Thus, many similarly looking animals were presumed to have come from the same ancestors. However, scientists eventually realized that this sort of classification is not always accurate. Many morphological traits, such as, having wings or thumbs, may evolve multiple times, resulting in species that have similar traits but share a different evolutionary history. Things have changed with the recent advancement of molecular technologies. Scientists are now able to perform genetic analyses instead of relying on traditional morphological and fossil data. This has posed some rather interesting results and completely changed the way we look at some animals. For those who have been completely unaware of this advancement, the findings can be quite shocking.Recently, Tumblr users shared what they have found out from genetic analyses performed by scientists and shared what surprised them the most. Scroll down below for a few most uncanny animal pairs that look similar but are genetically very distant!

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