Unfortunately, body shaming is a serious issue in today’s world. People receive negative comments whether they are ‘too fat’ or they are ‘too slim’ constantly. With unrealistic beauty standards and social media’s fakeness, more and more users receive rude body shaming comments.

Moreover, a survey reported that 58% of high school boys and 63% of high school girls medically classified as overweight experienced daily bullying about the size or shape of their bodies.

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One of the most disgusting things a person can do to another is to body shame them

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Woman wonders if she was being a jerk for refusing to put her shirt back on and finishing her training despite a demand

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The woman initially noticed side eyes from girls in the corner, who later on asked her to respect other gym members and put on a shirt because it’s ‘unsanitary’

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She immediately understood that she was being body shamed, but still finished her workout without fulfilling the mean girl’s demand

A few days ago, a woman shared her recent encounter with a rude group of girls in the gym with one Reddit community’s members. After they demanded that she put on a shirt, she realized that she was just being body shamed and refused. The post went viral immediately and in 4 days it got more than 11.7K upvotes and 2K comments.

The woman starts her story by sharing that she has been going to the gym for a while now, she is losing weight and has a goal. She is 5’7” and 255 lbs; however, she believes that should never affect the way she dresses. She also highlights that there is no dress code in the gym, thus she decided to wear a sports bra and shorts. Because, you know, nobody likes when sweaty shirts stick to skin.

Now, after some time, she noticed side eyes from some girls in the corner of the gym. She tried ignoring them, but soon after, one of the girls came and asked her to put on a shirt because it’s ‘unsanitary’. OP assured her that she cleans the equipment before and after using it, but the other girl still said that she needed to be more polite towards other gym members.

That was the moment when OP realized she was just being fat shamed. “No one wants to see the fat person jiggle,” the author wrote. It is terrible that women feel guilty and uncomfortable at the gym because they don’t fit standards. However, OP replied that she was wearing the exact same outfit as the rude girl’s friend and asked her to tell her the real reason why she was being asked to cover herself. Of course, the rude girl didn’t answer anything and just stormed off.

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The community members obviously gave the woman the “Not the A-hole” badge. Additionally, users were very supportive and even shared their own feelings or interactions that they have experienced in the gym. “The issue wasn’t what you were wearing, it was just that you were wearing it while not being skinny enough for her taste. [Screw] that,” one user emphasized.

“I have literally been told there should be fat and thin people gyms,” a commenter shared. Another shared their thoughts as well: “As an overweight person that gets social anxiety at the gym… I would honestly prefer to go to a gym with people my size. Anytime I would go to the gym, I always felt like people were judging me because I was fatter than them. I got so in my head about it, I stopped going.” Moreover, many users agreed and cheered OP on for a great response to those mean girls.

Now, some upsetting statistics for you, according to FitRated: nearly 52% of men and almost 65% of women admitted they felt judged by others at the gym because of their weight. The sad part is that body shaming can also be one of the anxiety-inducing issues keeping people from achieving their fitness goals.

According to Stephanie Yeboah, who is an author and writer, studies have frequently shown the positive effects that exercising has on mental health, alongside a host of other benefits that do not center on weight loss; however, she states that capitalizing on people’s physical insecurities seems to be the only thing these spaces care about. And finally, working with body-positive personal trainers and refusing to make weight loss her primary objective have, in the end, changed her views and now she even enjoys going to the gym.

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