My name is Konstantinos Bakas, I’m a self-taught artist from Greece and 17 years old. I can’t tell when I actually started drawing and sketching, it seems like always. But I do have kept plenty of my work when I was younger which goes back 5 years from now.

More info: Instagram

Batman sketch

I drew this in 2015.

V for Vendetta

Also drawn in 2015


Batman again (2016).

2 different Scribble Jokers at same year

At the right a Joker Scrible portrait I drew at May 2015, at left Joker I drew two months later.

Luffy One piece

I don’t know if I’m allowed to upload this :P

Anarchy Mickey

One of my favorite (2016)

Luffy One Piece

A commision I did back in 2016.

Venom stencil. (2017)

Drake- wise words from an owl

Drake commision
Portrait 2017 (about 9 hours)

Deadpool Scribble 2017

I tried a V for Vendetta and Guy Fawkes sum up. (2017)

‘Smoking Kills’ also one of my favorite.
Drawn using pointlism technique. (2017)


Drawn at a package for some print order. (2017)