Some years back I had a dream where a giant lion came to me and asked for help. He was injured and needed to warn the world of a terrible danger.

I spent all my free time in these past years telling his story, and it will probably be a few more years until I am done. I’m inviting you all to follow this long journey, I hope to hear from you in comments.

Find out about my process and techniques in this article. Mostly how music influences my drawing directly in a flow of consciousness (see the videos I included to see what this means).

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Meanwhile visit the link I posted, to my Behance profile and read the first chapter of this story, the legend of the making of Circadia.

More info:

The Dreamchild

One of the finished illustrations for the beginning of the story


Making maquettes to be able to draw various angles and get the light right

Close up

Here you can get a better idea of the line work and hatching

Detail of the “God of Light” illustration

See the full image in the link

Another detail of some beasties

How it all begins. Music and a pen.

I had to replace the actual music I used, for copyright reasons but it’s close enough to give you the right impression

Watch the whole process (this was a Periscope session)