If someone asked you to imagine what the world will be like in the future, what would you say? Now imagine how your ancestors imagined their future, that is, your present.

But thankfully, you don’t have to imagine it, because several illustrations were made at that time about how they thought the future would be like. Check out some of them right now, and if possible dont forget to upvote this article and like our facebook.

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For them futuristic planes would not look like planes on the inside… if only.

Firefighters would be flying people with giant hoses

This would be today modern trucks

“Diagnosis by Radio”, they almost predicted how cell phones and their video calls would work

This is how we would get ready in the morning

Air taxis would be common today

Mowing the lawn with a mower that even had a built-in air conditioner

That would be a modern desk

Our bikes would look like this

That would be our rooms, with a built-in television of course

Rooms would have a drain in the center, and all objects would be washable

This would be how we would buy things without leaving our houses, similar to modern online shopping

For some reason our houses would be round

Does this looks like your modern kitchen?

Police officers would fine people on planes without any problems

We don’t even know what this would be used for, but it was to defeat the russian “commies” somehow

Boats and trains would merge into one, somehow

They almost invented the famous segways

This is a flying bus, which would be the future of public transport

This are glasses with built-in radios, the future of entertainment

This is the “Tomorrow-cycle”, it would store energy during descents and use it when going uphill

This is how we would dress today

In their future robots would be policemen, and they would probably do a better job

Postmen would just fly to your home

This is a living room, i bet you have the same one at home right?

That’s how people would work in the future