The I Was Here Scratch-Off World Map 2.0 combines two things that everybody loves: travel and winning the lottery. Designed by Art. Lebedev Studio in Russia, this wall-sized scratch-off map allows you to scratch off the locations you’ve visited, revealing the colorful background below.

This updated and corrected second edition embodies the studio’s philosophy: “The only principle we follow is just two words: No nonsense.” As to the map’s purpose, it’s a “tourist’s personal diary that makes every trip unforgettable,” write the designers.

Scratch card technology was invented in 1974 in the US, and the first patent for scratch card lottery tickets was granted in 1987. The map by Art. Lebedev is in Russian; a similar English version can be bought here.

More info: artlebedev (h/t: laughing squid)

Before traveling around the world:

After traveling around the world:

A similar English version of this map can be bought here