Art isn’t just meant to look pretty – it can also be used to transfer ideas and messages. Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski’s grim and sharply satirical works, which we’ve featured before here, are a perfect example of art that speaks volumes.

Kuczynski’s images are so powerful because they force us to face some of the worst realities of our times. It’s beautiful – not in a flowers-and-sunlight kind of way, but in a brutally truthful way. He addresses war, political manipulation and hypocrisy, environmental damage, economic disparity and many other ills facing mankind today. The images strike just the right balance between obvious and complicated – just about anyone can get what they mean, but you will have to discover that meaning first.

The pastel colors and simple shapes and forms of his artwork gives it a sort of timeless look. And, for better or for worse,  so do the messages he displays in his work.

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