A friend in Germany had a pet rabbit that was blind. Every day she had to apply salve to the rabbit’s eyes. She called it “Creaming the bunny”. When the bunny died, I decided to try to cheer her up with humor. It worked and so, one thing led to another.

Hausenpheffer or creamed bunny

Blind Bunny takes a walk

Look out! Danger, Blind Bunny! Grilled rabbit is not as tasty as creamed rabbit

Enlightened Blind Bunny

Blind Bunny picnics by the water

Blind Lemon Bunny: blues singer

Jimmy Blind Bunny buffet

Blind Drunk Bunny

Blind Bunny’s wild ride

Oh no, Blind Bunny! Don’t drink and drive!

Blind Bunny has rung down the curtain and sings with the choir invisible (like dead parrots)