When the spread of the coronavirus became uncontrollable last year in March, it was declared a pandemic. Already then, everyone understood that it might not go away that easily and the most effective way to battle it would be to make a vaccine. Scientists predicted that it would take from 12 to 18 months to develop a vaccine, so we waited patiently and the first vaccines were approved after less than a year.

Now, when in the US, more people are becoming eligible to get a shot, celebrities also are receiving their jabs and posting about their experience on social media. Among those people are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who went to get the vaccine together and then announced it with hilarious posts.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shared photos of them getting vaccines against COVID-19

Image credits: blakelively

Ryan Reynolds captioned his photo, “Finally got 5G,” mocking the conspiracy theories that surfaced at the start of the pandemic

Image credits: vancityreynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got their shots on March 31 and they posted photos proving it. Ryan Reynolds was the first to share his photo, but being the way that he is, he couldn’t resist making fun of the absurd conspiracy theories about how 5G internet and the disease are connected, and in the caption, he wrote, “Finally got 5G.”

Scientists debunked this theory almost immediately, denying any connection between the virus and the new technological advancements of the internet connection. But the joke is still around and knowing the popularity that this theory had, most probably, not all people are really joking.

Image credits: vancityreynolds

A lot of people didn’t miss the bright pink beanie Reynolds was wearing. The actor, having a great sense of humor, then posted on his stories the same picture of him getting the vaccine with “Science is sexy. The hat? Perhaps not,” admitting that maybe the hat wasn’t the best fashion choice he has ever made.

Reynolds was mocked for wearing a knit hat so he didn’t miss the opportunity to tease his wife as well

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However, he didn’t leave it there—he had to include his beloved wife in this. In his stories, Reynolds created a poll asking his followers “Who wore it better” and put up side-by-side photos of him and his wife wearing beanies. Reynolds knew exactly what he was doing as in that photo, Blake wore a blue hat on the set of her 2020 film, The Rhythm Section, and at that moment, she wasn’t as glamorous as usual. The fans didn’t fall into the trap as the couple are nearly tied with 53 percent voting for Reynolds and 47 percent for Lively.

The internet loves the relationship between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, as they often are called the embodiment of what true love is. What the internet loves equally as much is their public teasing and trolling of each other.

Blake Lively shared a photo with heart stickers on it, calling the nurse giving the shot ‘heroic’ in the caption

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Blake Lively posted her photo of getting the shot a couple of hours later. Her caption isn’t as sarcastic as her husband’s: “Find you someone who looks at you like I look at the heroic nurse vaccinating me.“ But knowing the playful relationship between Lively and Reynolds, maybe it was also a subtle provocation towards her husband.

It is great to see celebrities being responsible and setting an example of getting vaccines as so many people look up to them and trust them. Maybe someone will be encouraged to look into the vaccines and reconsider the benefits and risks. Scientists believe that vaccines are our best hope in stopping the spread of the virus and the more people who are vaccinated, the more effective the vaccine is.

Not only was Ryan Reynolds’ caption funny, but his followers don’t lack wit either and these are some of the comments they left under the actor’s photo