Never be mean to restaurant staff. Why would you want to in the first place? But also, keep in mind that a lot of things can happen as a result of one’s poor decisions at a culinary establishment.

Besides getting some more or less instant karma from the employees themselves in the form of snot in your soup or the like, there’s also a chance of getting a verbal uppercut from a friend who decided not to deal with your bullpies. This is the story of the latter.

One person recently asked the internet if he was wrong to publicly call out his wife’s friend who was being just plain rude to a waitress. Some in this story didn’t find it all that amusing, but the internet sure as heck had the guy’s back here.

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Never be mean to restaurant staff. Or else you may end up getting a verbal uppercut from a friend

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Reddit user u/ZealousPapaya came to the Am I The A-Hole community with a story of how he had enough of his wife’s friend’s arrogance and meanness towards this one waitress and called it out.

You see, there was this festival—a jubilee parade with a rodeo, downtown parties and music. For this reason, all of the bars, restaurants and other joints were naturally packed with people.

Despite all of the crowds, the Redditor, his wife and his wife’s friend, who had a history of being prone to outbursts of anger, decided to go dine.

This Redditor shared how he called out his wife’s friend for being mean to a waitress, asking if he was wrong to do so

Image credits: u/ZealousPapaya

However, it didn’t take long for the friend to start acting out: first because nobody seated them immediately after coming in, then taking 10 minutes to get a drink order in, and then after getting their food 20 minutes after ordering, despite the spot being packed to the brim.

And this wasn’t all. Criticism kept on coming throughout the whole time they were there. When it came time to pay the bill, the original poster (OP) decided to leave a tip—one in line with the parade’s tradition of leaving a bigger tip. But the wife’s friend wasn’t happy about it.

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After a snarky “why are you tipping at all for such s@#t service?”, with the waitress standing nearby and all, OP had enough and called it out right there, right then: “[…] telling her she needs to stop acting like a child, and expecting everyone to treat her like the center of attention.”

Needless to say, she didn’t take it well, and even later that night the Redditor’s wife approached him, saying he shouldn’t have called her out publicly like he did, despite her being obnoxious.

Image credits: u/ZealousPapaya

But the internet wasn’t having any of it. Reddit immediately ruled who was the good and the bad guy in this situation, saying that if she didn’t want to be called out publicly, she shouldn’t have criticized anyone publicly. Besides, that was just plain mean.

The post received modest attention in the form of upvotes, of which there were nearly 4,000, and almost 20 Reddit awards, with people getting engaged with the situation and commenting. The story was also covered on a number of online news sites.

AITA’s democratic powers determined that he was, in fact, not wrong in doing so as explained in the comments

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