This optical illusion you’re about to see has got people scratching their heads. Originally shared on Twitter, the rotating circles illusion spread on various platforms on social media, prompting strong reactions from people online. “What’s happening to my world?” someone asked hypothetically. “Damn, this is trippy,” another user on Twitter noted. Scroll down below to see the illusion and tell us what you think in the comments down below!

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This confusing optical illusion of rotating circles has gone viral online

Image credits: jagarikin

The idea behind the illusion is simple—as you follow the arrows, the circles appear to move in the same direction the arrows are pointing to. Also, the circles seem to expand and contract in size, when in reality, it’s nothing but a clever illusion.

The circles appear to be moving in the directions the arrows are pointing to

Image credits: jagarikin

“There are very thin rings on the outside and inside of the large rings, featuring the same blue and yellow colors,” a Reddit user under the nickname EverydayEnthusiast explained. “Those thin rings are manipulated in ways that, when compared to the large rotating rings, trick the brain to perceive it as movement or change in size. It’s a very good illusion! The arrows are there to either complement the effect or convince the viewer that the rings are moving/changing in size when you remove them.”

When in reality, it’s nothing but a clever illusion that disappears if you blink quickly

Image credits: AintAintAWord

Is there a way to make the circles stop “moving?” Try blinking your eyes quickly while looking at the video!

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