I live on the south coast of England and have been contributing to the local art scene there for over 10 years. My work is usually quite playful with a hint of the darkly surreal thrown in for good measure. I enjoy trawling through trash and second hand stores for objects I can rethink or turn into something new.

My latest project is based around a group of ‘crap’ superheroes; they’re not very good at their jobs and are literally made from rubbish. I also seem to have a soft spot for robots, the female form and retro pop culture. I find some contemporary art and illustration a bit like wallpaper these days, you see a lot of it in advertising where everything’s perfect and slick. I like to challenge my audience and show them something different and a little messed up. It’s also good to keep things fresh for each new project; I’m not one for repeating myself so most of the artworks are hand made and unique.


The Brighton and Hove Walker

What The F**k Man

Freak Scene

Robot Geisha 2


Robo-Hawk Boy

Deer Heart


Super Trouble Man

Rust Never Sleeps