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I Make Robots Out Of Rubbish
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I Make Robots Out Of Rubbish


I live on the south coast of England and have been contributing to the local art scene there for over ten years. My work is usually quite playful with a hint of the darkly surreal thrown in for good measure. I enjoy using recycled materials and trawling second-hand stores for objects I can rethink, recycle or turn into something new.

My latest project is based around a group of ‘crap’ robot superheroes; they’re not very good at their jobs and are literally made from rubbish. I also seem to have a soft spot for the female form and retro pop culture. I find some contemporary art and illustration a bit like wallpaper these days, you see a lot of it in advertising where everything’s perfect and slick. I like to challenge my audience and show them some unique art, even if it’s a little bit messed up. It’s also good to keep things fresh for each cool robot project. I’m not one for repeating myself, so most of the robot art is hand made and one of a kind.


The Brighton and Hove Walker

What The F**k Man

Freak Scene

Robot Geisha 2



Robo-Hawk Boy

Deer Heart


Super Trouble Man

Rust Never Sleeps

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