My friend Kelly found Tiger in an abandoned box and nursed the 1 month old back to health. Here she is six months later and still the cutest office employee.

Remember Tiger? My friend Kelly found her abandoned in a box.

She’s grown up a lot since then, and spends her days in our office with her extended aunts and uncles. Everyone loves her and she’s so spoiled.

She makes sure we’re all productive

And she likes to stalk on us, her prey

More stalking

She attacks our feet when we don’t pay her attention

Play with me!

Like any employee she needs her coffee

…but then pushes the coffee mug off the desk

She hangs out under our desks

And loves to take naps everywhere

In someone’s arms

On our chairs

She loves our chairs

Even under the computer

She likes airplane rides

And shoulder rides

(At 3 months)

Even though she’s getting too big to perch on shoulders now

(At 7 months)



Still hard to get any work done


Still likes to hang out in our drawers


Making friends with other kitties


With proud mom Kelly


Pretty Tiger all grown up.