After 13 years of unconditional, wholehearted love; we had to say good bye to our precious rescue, Lucky.

For 13 years he was the apple of our eye, an unstoppable hurricane of life and undying love for his three girls. He valiantly defended them from snowmen, mittens, and thunder (though the last of these was from the closet) without a second of hesitation. When they were sick, he’d stay up all night beside them until they felt better. When they cried, he’d furiously lick their faces until they laughed. He changed his family’s life so much, they wanted to share with the world how “awful” it is to be a rescue family. 

In December we had to say goodbye to our precious rescue Pit, Lucky

Here are the reasons why you should never own a rescue. First, they are never happy to see you

After six months apart, you can tell he couldn’t care less about being surprised with his tiny human.

They bend the rules to their whim

Okay, so this one is true; but can you really be mad? In all technicality he isn’t touching the couch.

They sleep in funny positions

What are you doing? Dog yoga?! This can’t possibly be comfortable.

They aren’t cute at all

Those big brown eyes aren’t going to melt your heart.

Their selfie game is weak at best

You’re not going to be Insta famous with these weirdos.

They never want to protect you

They’ll never be hooked to your leg everywhere you go for the next decade.

They cheat at blinking contests

No one can be THAT good at them. I call foul play.

Hide and seek is not one of their specialities

Did you just… are you… you can’t hide in grass Lucky I can still see you.

They hate cuddles

It ruins their “tough guy” exterior.

Photogenic? Please

Though occasionally they do look majestic AF.

Incognito mode is ineffective

We all know it’s you, Lucky.

They won’t love you, from the day you meet until the day you part

*Kanye’s “Heartless” plays in the background*

You won’t miss their smiling face

Actually, you’ll miss them more than you thought humanly possible.