Jacob Andrews is the creative genius behind For Lack of a Better Comic, who now works as comic artist for CollegeHumor. His comics cover all kinds of topics, from the objectively best and worst feelings in the world, to romantic expectations and sleeping with your partner, Jacob has got you covered with a witty and sometimes dark take on things.

This time he has tackled a subject that many people can relate to, anxiety. Not the intense, heart-pounding terror that wakes you in the night and leaves you convinced that you are about to die kind of anxiety, but a milder form of social anxiety that leaves you feeling like you suck and the whole world is secretly laughing at you. We all feel a bit inadequate at times, and Jacob manages to capture feelings that will make many people nod knowingly, while highlighting how absurd and painful the condition can be.

Scroll down to check out the comics for yourself, as well as some reactions to them. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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A lot of people saw themselves…

Others wanted to remind that it’s not all that bad

And while not everybody gets it

Most at least try to