This footage that shows a tiny mouse running up and hiding under a cat’s belly is going viral. While some people appear to believe that the two animals have formed an unlikely friendship, some are saying that this is not due to the cute reason we’d like to believe. Nonetheless, the footage that spread on various social media platforms has been viewed by millions of users, with many of them comparing the duo to real-life Tom and Jerry. Scroll down below to see the video and find out more!

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Image credits: Weibo

In the beginning of the video, a black-and-white cat is seen chasing a tiny mouse. As it appeared, the cat wasn’t all that interested in harming the little rodent, and soon stopped chasing it around and laid down on the pavement. It was then when a mouse pulled an unexpected move that made the video go viral. The tiny rodent started running up to the cat only to hide underneath its belly, wanting to be cuddled, as some people on the internet believe.

The viral footage resembled the iconic Tom and Jerry for many social media users. Someone commented: “They seem to be getting along even better than Tom and Jerry!” “[This is] Tom and Jerry offscreen,” someone pointed out the same idea.

Image credits: Weibo

However, not everyone seems to believe that the cartoon has come to life. “Toxoplasmosis at work,” someone commented. “Great, ratty there has toxo and the parasites need a cat host to develop inside,” another person added.

However, Caroline Clark, an ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellor, told a different story to the Daily Mail: “From the beginning of the video, we soon see the mouse freezing (keeping still). This is a reaction to fear, but is also a strategy used by many animals to try and stop the chase in the hope that the aggressor will leave them alone. It makes no sense to put itself in danger and in my opinion, the fact that it inadvertently runs under the cat’s belly is more about it being shocked, disorientated, and therefore not thinking rationally.”

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