Finally, justice was served, and twittering was given back to the original source – the birds! Latvian conceptual artist and creative director Voldemars Dudums created a system for birds to type Twitter status updates: all he needed was a three-euro keyboard and some unsalted fat, attached to the keys with stainless steel screws. By eating off the fat, the birds would hit the keys with their beaks and post online!

The birds, mostly tits, seem to appreciate the idea as well, as this innovative bird feeder gives them a stable source of food in winter. The installation itself isn’t affected by cold, either, and is said to work flawlessly at 20 C degrees below zero. @hungry_birds are posting daily from 05.00 until 16.00 GMT, from Sarnate, a small village on the west coast of Latvia. You can find the selected tweets at  @hungrybirdsnews. No wonder this Dudum’s idea won the people’s choice awards for Guerrilla Innovation in Advertising!