If you think that only kids play with dolls, you couldn't be more wrong. Apparently, adults like Barbie dolls just as much as children, and one of those people is Tonya Ruiz, also known as Grandma Gets Real. After years of actively campaigning against Barbie dolls for the unrealistic body standards they set for little girls, not so long ago, Tonya found out that Barbies are much more realistic these days. It has helped her to spiral back to a world of the dolls she loved as a kid. Now the woman spends her free time creating scenes showing what Barbies would look like if they were real people. Her latest project—quarantine Barbies. Ever since she noticed parody dolls on Ellen's show, Tonya has always wanted to create her own and was inspired by the lockdown. Unsurprisingly, people loved how relatable these dolls are.

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Quarantine Barbie Starter Pack – Stay Home Curvy Doll “Wearing Stretchy Pants”

Quarantine Barbie Starter Pack – Stay Home Curvy Doll “Wearing Stretchy Pants” Shares stats

"Accessories Include: Toilet Paper, Wet Ones Wipes, Crossword Puzzle, Cards, Snacks, Whiskey in a Teacup Book – Plus Whiskey and Teacup"

Tonya Ruiz Report

Barbie doll was first introduced at the beginning of the 1960s. This slim-waisted, blue-eyed, blonde doll instantly became one of the most popular toys among children and had a tremendous cultural impact. Many girls grew up playing with it and Tonya was not an exception. As a child, she spends hours playing with the doll. Later, inspired by the modeling career and lavish lifestyle the “Teenage Fashion Model” Barbie has portrayed, 16-year-old Tonya decided to become a model herself. 


Pandemic Hero Barbie – Health Care Worker

Pandemic Hero Barbie – Health Care Worker Shares stats

"Includes: Mask, Lab Coat, X-Ray

Scrubs, Medical Chart, Medication

Thermometer, Stethoscope

Sphygmomanometer, Hot-Water Bottle"

Tonya Ruiz Report

"I got my first Barbie on my third Birthday. My sister and I spent hours playing with Barbie dolls. Mine had blond hair, blue eyes, and long legs—like me. Our Barbies led very glamorous lives—they were always dressed like models. My mother spent hours sewing miniature versions of all the latest fashions—capes, skirts, vest, pantsuits, mini-skirts, bellbottoms and bridal gowns—all stored in our pink vinyl cases—along with hundreds of accessories, including Ken, the boyfriend.

On birthdays, Mother would bake me an angel food cake, stand Barbie in the center and use frosting to create her a prom-esque gown. I was the envy of the neighborhood girls.


I grew up in Barbie’s shapely shadow. I followed in her tiny footsteps and became a teenage fashion model," Tonya told Bored Panda.


Quarantine Barbie – Zoom Ken

Quarantine Barbie – Zoom Ken Shares stats

"Includes: Business Attire top & Adorable Heart Boxers

3 Apple Products: Iphone, Ipad, and Macbook Pro

Beverages from Starbucks Drive-Thru

Dove Antiperspirant

Rambunctious Toddler and Fussy Infant to Crash Video Chat

Toilet & One Roll of TP *Do Not Use While on Zoom"

Tonya Ruiz Report

However, as her successful career started to take a toll on her, Tonya has quit the fashion industry. This decision has led her to become aware of how harming the pursuit of a perfect body was and that it all started with a once-beloved Barbie doll. 


Quarantine Bread Baking Barbie

Quarantine Bread Baking Barbie Shares stats

"Everything She needs to bake Banana & Sourdough Bread

Includes: Mixer, Flour, Sourdough Starter, Eggs, Bananas, Butter, and Milk"

Tonya Ruiz Report

"After I got married and had children - I tried to figure out where I had gotten such a warped view of beauty and how I could teach my children differently. I wondered - did I get my body image issues from growing up with Barbie or from what I saw in magazines and on television?"


Pandemic Hero Barbie – Sanitation Worker

Pandemic Hero Barbie – Sanitation Worker Shares stats

"Doing the Dirty Job of Picking Up Trash

Includes: Miniature Waste and Recycle Cans

Plus Tiny Garbage"

Tonya Ruiz Report

For years, Tonya has been campaigning against harmful body-image standards and used Barbie dolls as an example of what is expected of women in our society. “I believe these dolls set a standard for perfection that is unattainable for any human and gives your young daughters the wrong idea about beauty," she said. The woman was called "anti-barbie" by the media after she actively discouraged women from buying these dolls for their daughters. 


Quarantine Binge Watching Barbie

Quarantine Binge Watching Barbie Shares stats

"Includes: Television, Comfy Crochet Afghan, and Pillow

Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Popcorn & Diet Coke

Plus – Lots of Sweet & Salty Snacks

Everything she needs for a cozy marathon of streaming!"

Tonya Ruiz Report

Eventually, as her life took a different course, she has forgotten all about Barbie, up until a few years ago. The memories were awakened when she accidentally found the dolls in her attic and allowed her granddaughters to play with them. Tonya was surprised to find out that over the years Barbie dolls have changed. Mattel, the creator of Barbie, has introduced new dolls with many different skin tones, hair colors, and body sizes, making them a lot more realistic. Now people can find barbie's that looks just like them. 


Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition

Quarantine Barbie – Home Salon Edition Shares stats

"Includes: Hair Dye Wax Kit Magnifying Mirror

Everything You Need For an At-Home Hair Cut & DIY Manicure and Pedicure

Bonus: Q-tips, Petroleum Jelly, Shampoo, Lotion, Shaving Cream"

Tonya Ruiz Report

"I think that Mattel has done such a good job on their recent dolls. They are more realistic and most children can find a Barbie that represents them. They have more body types and skin tones," she told us.


Quarantine Barbie – Homeschool Mom Edition

Quarantine Barbie – Homeschool Mom Edition Shares stats

"3 Kids +Toddler (Permenantly attached to Mom’s leg)

Includes: Breakfast & Lunch plus Cookies
Games for Family Night
School Books & Science Homework PLUS Tiny Volcano kit
For mom – Pond’s Anti-Wrinkle Cream & Sonoma Wine
*Hair Dye not included"

Tonya Ruiz Report


Inspired by this change Tonya has decided to set up an Instagram account, called 'Grandma Gets Real' to portray these dolls doing realistic things. Her latest creation the quarantine Barbie dolls quickly went viral proving how much people love relatable Barbies. 


Quarantine Barbie Doll – New Hobby Edition

Quarantine Barbie Doll – New Hobby Edition Shares stats

"Bake an Apple Pie

Learn to Play Guitar

Put Together a Puzzle

Learn to Knit

Plus: CHEEZ-ITs"

Tonya Ruiz Report

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"I saw someone had posted a pandemic Barbie. I thought it would be funny to make a Quarantine Barbie with Toilet Paper, Snacks and Anti-bacterial wipes. She has Reese Witherspoon's book to read, a crossword puzzle and playing cards. I thought my Instagram friends would find it amusing," she said.


Quarantine Barbie What Time Is It? Edition

Quarantine Barbie What Time Is It? Edition Shares stats

"Includes: Alarm Clock

Glass of Warm Milk for Insomnia

Cappuccino Machine

Daytime Pajamas & Nighttime Pajamas

Toaster with Toast


Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies

Crunch ‘n Munch"

Tonya Ruiz Report


Quarantine Quarreling Couple

Quarantine Quarreling Couple Shares stats

"'Bickering About Housework'

Includes: Bestselling Book – How To Split Household Chores

Plus: Spring Cleaning List and Supplies #chores"

Tonya Ruiz Report