Oregon passed a law at the turn of the year which allows people in rural areas to pump their own gas. So what? Is that it? What do I care? All the above are perfectly understandable reactions to a seemingly mundane piece of legal news, which you wouldn’t expect to make much of a splash outside of the few counties affected.

However, this is a big deal for some Oregonians, many of whom have reacted to the law change with a fury that many outsiders find bizarre, and quite amusing. Scroll down below to check out some of the reactions from the internet at large, and feel free to add your own take on the issue in the comments!

Oregon’s local news channel recently wrote a piece about the change in gas pumping law, which unleashed one of the most entertaining comments threads ever

Some immediately went up in arms

While others shared completely different opinions

Yet the complaints kept coming

The responses to those were even funnier

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