One of the toughest parts of being a parent is knowing how to raise your children to be kind, helpful and emphatic people. While not everyone succeeds, there are many who are extremely proud of their children and their ability to be good people. Since these days parents can’t help but share the achievement of their kids online, from time to time the stories of parents being stunned by their children’s compassion goes viral. Recently, a father who goes by his DJ name James Flibble, shared a moment he realized he raised his son right.

James’ 18-year-old son, Jacob, recently started a job at a Clarks store. A couple of days ago he received praise from his employer after a woman sent them a review of his service. A woman, who has an autistic daughter was humbled by Jacobs behavior with her daughter.

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During a visit to the store, the girl had a sensory overload and a seemingly simple task of picking out shoes became too overwhelming for her. However, Jacob stepped in to help. Instead of getting annoyed or not knowing what to do, he offered to help and did his job in a kind and compassionate way. The mother was so humbled by Jacob’s kindness that she wrote a review.


Jacob has provided outstanding customer service in your store and a customer has shared the details via our Customer Care team.

This is your 1st celebration alert for 2019 from a customer who emailed us to let us know that Jacob went above and beyond their expectations!

Date: 16/3/19 Store: 3813 — CFS Bicester

‘My daughter is autistic. She wanted to come in and try shoes but once in your store had a sensory overload. Jacob came over and really kindly asked if he could help to which I answer…yes please”. He didn’t mention or acknowledge the situation but just sat in the floor and started talking to my daughter. He gently tried shoes on her and explained to her why they would feel different and in time they would soon feel ok. He sat patiently while she cried and I had to rock her and carried on when she was ready without any fuss and he didn’t once make us feel like we were taking too long or being a nuisance. ‘

Thank you for providing Outstanding Customer Service.

Please feel free to share this with your team and celebrate.”

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Once James shared the review, it quickly went viral and even reached the mother who wrote a review. She was happy to know that Jacob got the recognition he deserves!

Image credits: JamesFlibble

Image credits: deeby75

Image credits: JamesFlibble

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