There’s no shame in not being the sharpest kid in your college class. Some people are simply smarter than others. But when the college kid who’s smarter than you is an 11-year-old boy…well, that’s a little harder to accept. But that’s precisely the situation some students are finding themselves in at the University of Toledo in Ohio because one of their classmates just happens to be a child prodigy named Daniel Liu.

“This genius kid is 11 and in my organic chemistry class,” wrote Cigdem Kahyaoglu, 19, who shared a picture of her youngest classmate on Twitter recently. “He said if we have questions to just email him.” Since then the tweet has been liked more than 230k times, but Daniel (who goes to high school but takes some classes at the university) is no stranger to fame. He’s already met Bill Nye (the Science Guy), and he’s even met Obama when collecting the $10,000 college education scholarship that he won at the White House Science Fair. Did we mention that this smart kid is only eleven?

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Daniel Liu is 11-years-old, but that doesn’t stop him from studying organic chemistry at the University of Toledo in Ohio!

His classmate tweeted a picture of him recently and it instantly went viral. Daniel’s no stranger to fame though. Here he is with Bill Nye the Science Guy!

He even met Barack Obama at the White House Science Fair after winning a $10,000 scholarship

Did we mention he’s only eleven?

The tweet has already been shared over 230k times, and as you can see, the internet can’t get enough of him