Childhood crushes are cute, the way things get serious so quickly. One second you’ve just met someone and the next second, you have a wife at the age of 4. One Twitter user shared a story of how he got married to his childhood crush. 20-year-old Jack Callow from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK, tweeted four photos of himself and his classmate at their preschool wedding, which happened 16 years ago. He joked that he hasn’t seen his wife ever since.

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One Twitter user shared a story of how he got married 16 years ago but hasn’t seen his wife ever since

Image credits: Jxck_C

Image credits: Jxck_C

Since the wedding happened 16 years ago, Callow’s memories of the day are very brief. He remembers that he proposed to her behind a tree and the nursery decided to do something special and fun. They put on a mock wedding for them, where all the kids were invited. Everything was decorated and all the kids were dressed really nicely. Callow believes that the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids.

They even had a priest and guests for their wedding

Image credits: Jxck_C

And looked absolutely adorable together

Image credits: Jxck_C

Image credits: Jxck_C

16 years later, Callow visited his grandfather for his socially distant 75th birthday party and found photos from his wedding. It was a good distraction from the awful things that were happening in the world. So he decided to tweet them but had no idea that in that way, he would find his childhood wife.

Thanks to many people who shared the tweet, he found his long-lost wife

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However, Twitter found her. His tweet now has over 351.9K likes and 43.9K retweets! Callow says to Bored Panda that it’s nice how people have been spreading his story. “It’s nice to see people interested in your past or what you’ve been up to, but it’s nice seeing so many people share the same stories, I had no idea so many people had nursery weddings. It’s very cute. I think everyone just thought it was quite sweet.”

Image credits: renajutla

The groom grew up into a handsome man

Image credits: Jxck_C

And the bride into a beautiful woman

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His childhood wife is Rena Jutla, now 21, a student from Buckinghamshire. She was really shocked at how quickly the story became viral. Since it was the first time she had seen these photos, she laughed at them and thought they were cute. After all, not all of us had weddings in childhood!

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