Hello! I work at an entertainment magazine, so am staring at pop culture images all day long.

I thought that it might be fun to recycle famous characters by adding them to the things that I see every day. So, now I have a daily instagram hobby, (mostly on my lunch breaks), of cutting out images, putting them on sticks, and photographing them on my iPhone to make myself laugh.

I theme them depending on the season/where I am that day, and use my office, lunch spots, parking garages, local supermarket, museums, and whatever else is nearby.

*Walking around with celebs-on-a-stick usually gets a happily weird reaction from onlookers. Half the fun.

Hope that you enjoy!

More info: Instagram

LA is alive, with the sound of.., err… stuff

Wyld Scallyons!

Miami Vice: Mammoth Run (unaired episode)

“The jungle… it came alive and took him”

127 Sours

I had the pine of my life!

Dalton judges your lunch choices

Break-Fast Club

SAG-AFTRA logo fever

Red Bull gives you wings

Full Fridge

They Live!

“Hang on for Adventure!”

Let the River Run!

The Fog

Subterranean Lolita

Taaaaaaake oooooon meeeeee!

“I will find you!”

November’s Patron Saint

(Story Ending with pissed off kitty)

“Life, ugh… finds a way”