Don’t know what to get your wife for her birthday? Then don’t worry, because we’ve got the perfect solution. Well, we don’t, but one smart guy from Westfield, New Jersey has.

His name is Jordan Lebeau and he’s been secretly following his wife TyAnna’s Pinterest account for years. He started the dummy account back in 2014 when he and TyAnna – then his girlfriend – first started dating. He’d been trying to score a date with her for ages, but when she finally said yes for Valentine’s Day of their senior year, Jordan had no idea what gift to buy her until a friend of his suggested taking a look at her Pinterest page. Since then he’s been secretly checking her account for gift ideas, and over the years he’s wowed her with various perfect presents including lip gloss, earrings, and a sapphire nose ring.

He recently revealed his genius hack to the world on Twitter, and since then his tweet has been shared almost 80k times and liked by over 318k people who can’t believe they never thought of this trick themselves. So if you’re tired of disappointing your significant other with crappy gifts, maybe it’s time you started a covert Pinterest account!

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This guy came up with a genius way to buy his wife the perfect gifts

Image credits: TyAnna/Jordan

He secretly follows her Pinterest page with a fake account he made!

He’s been following her since their first date on Valentine’s Day back in 2014


Jordan had no idea what to buy her until a friend suggested checking out her Pinterest page

Image credits: TyAnna/Jordan

Since then he’s wowed her with various perfect presents including lip gloss, earrings, and a sapphire nose ring

Image credits: TyAnna/Jordan

Jordan totally won the internet when he tweeted his trick to the world