Remember pimple cupcakes? Well, Malaysian bakery The Cakescape has decided to take this trend even further and has created a recipe for pimple-popping cakes that will either increase your appetite or kill it completely.

The blood-red zits can be squeezed, uncovering the cakes’ delicious pale inside, and it looks so familiar, flashbacks of me staring at the mirror are screaming back at me. (Un)surprisingly, these gross-looking cakes are starting to catch on. The bakery claims it has sold over 20 of these weird-looking delicious lumps so far, and one of its videos has already accumulated over 5M views on Facebook. Not to mention countless publishers that are introducing it to their readers.

Some explain this weird public interest as follows: “Our fascination with watching the pus explosions of others seems to be due to a combination of neural dopamine and tension release, the lure of the forbidden, cultural ideas of disgust, and socially evolved concepts of grooming and intimacy.” What about you? Are you feeling strangely satisfied when looking at these sweet pimples being popped or did puberty give you too many of them already? Let us know in the comments!

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