I’m a scientist researching the past behaviour of the huge Greenland Ice Sheet; understanding the glacial history allows better predictions of future change.

I’ve been super lucky – my work has taken me to some very remote, very challenging, and very beautiful places.

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Sometimes the weather is incredible. Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord

Boats are an excellent way of getting around. Ikertivaq

Greenlandic towns are pretty special. Ilulissat

The fjords are choked full of huge icebergs. Køge Bugt

Early starts are hard, but often worth it. Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord

A classic tidewater valley glacier. Sidegletscher, Watkins Fjord

The wildlife in Greenland can be very curious. Arctic fox

The landscape is breathtaking, but it’s often very bleak too. Petermann Fjord

The glaciers are changing fast, two years before this photo the glacier reached to the camera position. Mittivakkat Glacier

Field work can be pretty scenic. Sermilik Fjord

Arctic weather can throw some curve balls, snow showers in August. Petermann Fjord

Sunsets can also be pretty special. 50 km offshore, southeast Greenland

As the summer draws to an end it’s possible to see the Aurora Borealis. Qeqertarsuaq

Some encounters with wildlife are a little too exciting… very close call with a juvenile Polar bear

And after a long, hard day in the field nothing beats a swim