While the internet loves a good instant karma or you had it coming story, revenge stories are certainly on that list. Add a dash of self-entitlement and a Karen into the mix and you got yourself one juicy story.

In particular, the story follows a guy—let’s call him Dave—who is planning to marry a lady, who is very appropriately named Karen for this story—you know where this is going—and she is being difficult about it all. All of this led to an unfortunate but at the same time positive ending, at least for the good guys.

The story surfaced on the r/pettyrevenge subreddit, drawing internaut attention and comments, and made some headlines online along the way.

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Everything has to be ideal on your wedding day, right? But often time it isn’t ideal, so try to make the best of it?

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So, Reddit user u/rosexknight, with whom Bored Panda got in touch, shared a story where her cousin, a protagonist named ‘Dave’, was in a relationship of four years with a lady that, for the purpose of the story, was called ‘Karen’—both as a means to anonymize her, but also to explain what kind of a person she was.

Anywho, she demanded (based on “tradition”) to be given a diamond ring as a sign of marriage, hinting at how much of a gold-digger she was. Dave wasn’t too rich, but well-off. Regardless, he came up with a good alternative for that—a white sapphire ring that looks like a diamond one, if you’re not a jeweler.

This was not just because it was a sensible alternative that avoids spending a fortune, but also one that can be synthesized and doesn’t potentially involve slave labor, so hey, good-guy Dave!

Wrong. Be self entitled and get super upset when the ring isn’t “diamond”? Yep, that’s how this story goes

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“Dave wasn’t actually considering revenge at all. Many people felt that his sapphire scheme was a form of petty revenge from an unhappy relationship, but in truth he just wanted to save money ‘for more important stuff than a ring’ in his words,” explained the Reddit user.

“With COVID-19, he was afraid he would get laid off, and didn’t want to spend his savings on a ring if he was going to be without a job. But he also didn’t want Karen to think he didn’t care about her.”

“Dave told me that later down the line for their first anniversary he WAS planning on getting her a proper diamond ring. The revenge was completely accidental and Karen’s fault when she went to pawn the ring.”

Reddit user u/rosexknight shared a story of how her cousin got petty revenge over his ‘Karen’ fiance

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Well, Dave proposed, and the diamond ring demand grew into her being unsatisfied with how the pandemic turned out to be a reason why not many of the 300 planned would want to attend the wedding. She also managed to invite a bunch of people on her side of the family, excluding a lot of people on Dave’s side, and she also did so without even running her guest list by the groom. In response to this, Dave called off the wedding.

“The engagement and stuff was a very happy one until Karen let her ugly side show and they had the falling out,” elaborated Rose. “Dave wasn’t plotting revenge so much as he fell into it. He said he didn’t even think about her keeping the ring at the time because he was so focused on dealing with the fallout of the wedding being cancelled.”

While Karen kept the ring out of spite after they had fallen out, Dave eventually found out she tried to pawn the ring. This is where she also found out that it’s not diamond, but sapphire, which only fueled her dissatisfaction with the situation.

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Yes, it got worse. She bombarded Dave with calls and texts demanding he reimburse her the full price of the ring, going so far as to threaten the dude. “He and I had a good laugh listening to her tantrum,” concluded the post.

And, seeing as this story has been on the internet for a good 8 months now, we asked Rose whether there’s an update on the story. She had this to say:

“Unfortunately, there have not been any updates. Dave has since moved states to another location for his job and we keep in touch. Karen isn’t in my circle outside of Dave, so I have no idea what’s going on with her. But this is a small town, and a few of our friends follow me and saw the story. She’s now known for being the gold digger she is, and someone told me after the wedding was cancelled that she played the victim on Facebook for a while, but nothing ever came of it. Dave did get spooked when she threatened to sue him, because she has taken people to small claim’s court before. However when he spoke to a lawyer, the lawyer said she didn’t have a leg to stand on and not to worry. She never sued, and that was last year so I don’t think she will.”

Image credits: rosexknight

“Dave wanted to say that he saw that he got a lot of flack for not being honest with his fiancé at the time, and did admit that seeing things from an outside perspective made him realize ‘that was kind of a d@#k move on my part,'” elaborated Rose. “He said that he wanted to stress the importance of honesty in a relationship, and says he’s going to work on that for himself. He admitted that the relationship likely wouldn’t have worked out in the long run anyway, though always insists Karen is a better person than we have seen and than I have portrayed here.”

She continued: “Also, after the story blew up, someone in our town found out what pawn shop Karen went to to try and pawn the ring, and out of curiosity I went to the place to talk with them, and possibly get the ring back for Dave. The owner said that she did eventually pawn it to him, and it sold later for a good price to apparently an older couple who are regulars there. I asked him what it would be worth if it had actually been real diamonds, and he told me ‘definitely not as much as she wanted’ though didn’t give me an actual price.”

The comment section was fun to read through as well, with many praising Dave for being a smart, yet evil genius who knows how to plot revenge. By accident. But still. Others pointed out how technically if she was to sue him, it would be her who owes him, so revenge would become even sweeter. Yet others celebrated Dave’s freedom from (a) Karen.

All in all, the story got modest attention, but was discussed beyond Reddit in the form of reposts and articles on other media sides. You can check out more on the post here, but before you go, let us know your thoughts on the whole matter in the comment section below!

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