I made a list of coffee mugs that perfectly describe my mood on each day of the week.

Can you relate?

Monday – Get Shit Done

Okay, it’s Monday – let’s do it!

Image credits: startupvitamins.com

Tuesday – I Survived Another Meeting

Too many unnecessary meetings..

Image credits: kolos.de

Wednesday – Sorry I’m Late

Do you see Friday yet?

Image credits: thuglifeshirts.com

Thursday – The Bags Under My Eyes

I. Need. Sleep.

Image credits: mode.com

Friday – Zero Fox Given

Weekend, I’m coming!

Image credits: etsy.com

Saturday – I Can’t Adult Today

It’s the ”no pants all day” day!

Image credits: fuzzyandbirch.com

Sunday – Shhh… There’s Wine In Here

Sunday – funday.

Image credits: brittany-garner-design-shop.myshopify.com